Residential Tax Appeals in Michigan

property-tax-appeals-1We’re the best in the world at residential property tax appeals mostly because we’re one of the only real tax appeal firms in the world that actually cares about the business. In fact, according to a completely made up study, 97% of property tax appeal companies only focus on commercial tax appeals.

  • we all live in houses
  • we have bought, sold, financed, appraised and raked the leaves at many houses in Michigan
  • we know the unique characteristics of each county, city and house
  • we know why two houses that look the same can have totally different values
  • we save you cash money. Lowering property taxes is how we do it, Gauranteed!
  • Most professionals don’t want to mess with small tax bill, we do. We are set up to do a lot of appeals, so we can handle the small ones and the big ones.
  • We are in it to save you cash money, and make money ourselves. We won’t take the appeal unless we can do both.