Michigan Property Tax Appeals

Weappealpropertytaxes.com (or for short,WAPtax) appeals property taxes in Michigan. We only appeal property taxes in Michigan, as we know the intricacies of these markets and we’ve been to lots of football games at Michigan. We know the real estate, we know the assesors, we know the other lawyers, and we know where Michigan is ranked in the AP and ESPN College Football Rankings. (Easy, since 07 as they have not been ranked.)

  • Our goal at WAPTax is to provide as much information as possible but not be ridiculously boring. We have fun at work and kick ass with property tax appeals. You actually don’t really need to read all the stuff below and you can just contact us. But, if you have nothing else to do you might as well read on.
  • The staff at WAPTax has its roots in Real Estate Law, Residential House Building, Real Estate Investments and Property Management. We’ve represented clients on multiple issues as it relates to Property Tax Appeals, Zoning, Acquisition, Financing and Management of Commercial and Residential Real Estate.
  • We spent seven years working with analysts from The Research Center for People tofunny-real-estate-photos-3 determine which words in the preceding bullet should start with a capital letter.
  • WAPTax leader and chief of law and counsel has recently won multiple made up awards including Tallest Attorney in our office, Smartest Roulette Player and Best Property Tax Appealer in the World. He also thinks he is a better basketball player than he actually is.
  • We have been involved in the Constuction, Management, Operations and Development of Real Estate in the state of Michigan as well as numerous other states across the country. Our squad understands the nuances in Determining Values, and ultimately how Real Estate Property Tax Assessments are often wrong and cost property owners more then their fair share of what they owe in Property Taxes.
  • The Head Huncho is also President of Cambridge Management and Cambridge Investors. Cambridge is a diversified Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investment Company with a portfolio valued at over $100,000,000, with properties located throughout Michigan and Florida. At the risk of not being humble we’re not just good…we’re experienced and good. When you hire us, you get it all, you win… Guaranteed.

You might not know that fewer than seven (7%) percent of property tax payers ever seek a reduction by appealing their property taxes, yet assessments are changed by the billions annually around the country. WAPTax will do a review regarding a potential appeal for Free to make sure you’re good to go. Right, we said for Free. We get paid only if you do. You pay the filing fee and we gaurantee that you won’t be out a dollar. If we don’t recover at least your filing fee, we will pay it back to you. Our compensation is on contingency. Depending on the size and amount it ranges from 33% to 50% of the first year savings. You save 100% every year thereafter on your property taxes. It’s WIN – WIN. I think that covers it. contact us now. You may call us if you prefer: 248-382-0092.