Michigan To Speed Up Property Tax Appeals

According to BusinessLansing.com, the Michigan based website for the Lansing Michigan Journal, tax payers appealing Michigan State property taxes of less than $10,000 may have to wait up to 3 years for a decision. The long wait was blamed on short staffing of the Tax Tribunal, as well as the huge number of property tax appeals in Michigan.
Recently, however, Michigan has hired “referees” to oversee the backlogged Tax Tribunal department and assist in the initial review of the expected 30,000 property tax appeals expected this year.
The way the process works is that a property owner in Michigan must first appeal to the local Board of Property Tax Review. If the board does not accept the owners contention of the property’s value, they can appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.
This is where an experienced property tax appeals professional that knows the process in the State of Michigan can prove very beneficial. By presenting all the pertinent data and presenting a solid case initially to the Tax Review Board, a property owner may be able to avoid the long, time consuming and tedious process of waiting for the Tax Tribunal panel and the processes associated with that.